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Red Nose Day

It is a British thing that got its way over to the USA. So far raising a billion dollars and now after the premier on NBC $21-million for children's poverty. It is my hope that one day shoe4africa could be considered as a recipient yet there is a few reasons why the chances are slim. An obvious one is we have spent $0 on marketing and PR - that immediately sets us apart from the list Another is you can't grasp shoe4africa in a couple of sentences, and you can't find what we do on the website. New branding, it is the plan. Whether it leads to a red nose, or not, will be explored! Currently seeking the help & advice of Peter @

Dave Siegel... in the news, marathon man

I have known Dave Siegel for years, he is a helper and a do-er.  I admire that trait and was honored when he stated an interest to lend his expertise and time (and legs) to help Shoe4Africa further.  Anyway, don't read my words, read his - thanks Dave!

Technical meeting - May 2015

Yesterday we had about 20 to 24 contractors on site as we had a site inspection.  If you want the techincals -  see below.  All exciting stuff as we move ever closer.  And this morning I met with the PM Atogo as we looked at exterior issues.  Thanks to VISHVA builders for brining excellent Indian food for a light lunch.  We are still about a month away as more delays come that we had not foreseen but slow and steady wins the race, so they say!  

The photo shows the last remnants of the meeting - thanks to Metroeng, Chirag and Atogo for staying two hours later to try and push things to a close!


1.      All push taps are not functioning well and they need rectification or correction

2.      Water pipe supply to hose reel is ½“ instead of 1”. Mechanical service engineer to make a decision

3.      Most WHB are leaking around the bottle traps. They should be corrected

4.      Mirrors should be installed in the changing rooms and PWD toilets

5.      Install tiles on wall surfaces where there are external water taps round the building

6.      SWH circulation pump to be installed

7.      Electricity power supply and distribution in the building is missing. This needs fastened before electrical inspection is done

8.      The BHU that have no switch/sockets needs blanking

9.      The BHU needs more holes punched (2 for wards and 5 for ICU/HDU) to accommodate the medical gas outlets used in these areas.

10.   The installed DB on each wing of each floor needs to be installed closer to allow access from the corridor

11.   The Aluminium doors need to be made air tight as it is in MTRH lab

12.   The waste pipes on HDU needs covering using a steel sheet plate

Kids Playground

Years ago I wrote to KABOOM a charity that asks 'where do you need a playground?' and then builds them... but in America.  There was no interest for the kids of Kenya.  So, I have been since looking at options and I have found a guy who helps put these sites together with a super cheap price.  Any body want to help?  The most expensive part is the plastic red slide... under $300!  And I can get to choose any color.

All the other parts are rope and wood -- looks great!  Let me know if you want to help the kids play - Thanks!

Alasdair Brown

Many thanks to Mr. Alasdair Brown who visited Kenya earlier this year and has just completed the Duesseldorf Marathon raising money for Shoe4Africa.  He's nearly up to 500 dollars.  Apparently lots of beers followed the race.

Boston 15

So nice to read about J-P who ran his first marathon five years ago for Shoe4Africa, then going on to run the Boston Marathon this year, his first Boston, and doing so in the lucky red shirt! Also in the race,who was in a Shoe4Africa development race back nine years ago, wearing Shoe4Africa yellow, was the actual race winner - Caroline Rotich! It is a small world. J-P Reinhold below, and Caroline Rotich.

Google Map Updates!

Always super happy to see Google maps; I feel I am there.... they just updated and now you can see our blue blue roof.

Research for equipment whilst in hospitals

The journey of building this hospital has been most interesting.  I have learned a great deal about the medical world and lots of the inspiration of doing this task came from a string of medical experiences -- being a recipient of public healthcare as a child, getting attacked in Africa and running to a medical clinic in Zanzibar and finding almost nothing what I expected, receiving again public healthcare help in Britain for brain surgery... etc.. then moving to the span of the actual building of the hospital (2013 to present) - again back to hospital in 2013, and a few times... up to this past (Easter) Sunday when I had a minor (yet again) relapse and was in the emergency room at the amazing SWEDISH hospital in Redmond, Seattle.  Whilst being wheeled in for a CAT Scan I was noting hospital design, like roof rounded mirrors that could be a great addition, which equipment and what manufacturers appear time and time again etc.

Healthcare is the very foundation of any country, and for me it has been hospitals that kept me alive!  #evergrateful

Ashley Liew Kenya '14

Ashley came to Kenya last December, to train and see the ';and of the runners'.  Not only did he donate his shoes, but he also volunteered his time with other camp guests on Christmas Eve to help with the annual Shoe4Africa 5k event in Iten.

I am always touched by people's kindness and willingness to help, and it is very much how our charity survives - fueled on the goodness of others.  On that subject just yesterday we had coffee with two others, Lisa Nelson and Gavin Gee, who also came to Kenya and helped (at the race in 2012 and bringing a ton load of Shoes from Seattle).  These people are special changemakers - thanks for including Shoe4Africa in your agenda!

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