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What is in a job role?  Working in charity is a funny kettle of fish.  It is a bizarre career and often I try to explain to people some of the roles and usually end up not really explaining.  Then every charity has its own individual leads/angles that further complicate the issue.  However I recently saw this posting that I like, so I post this as an explanation -

Nonprofit executive directors are required to juggle multiple complex roles -- chief fundraiser, working with the board, financial guru, master planner, community builder, facility manager, HR specialist, and more. Successful executive directors understand that even as they lead, manage and motivate, their most important responsibility remains as the caretaker of their nonprofit's mission. They are responsible for the vision -- and for driving and inspiring passion for their cause.

I like to believe that the mission, and the vision, of Shoe4africa has remained true to the core from Day one till today.

Of course a vision expands, and is often changed by the financial reports, especially true for the majority of the small NFP.  (which are the majority).

Let me tell you my vision... a world where Children don't go hungry, where children receive first class medical care, where no child is beaten, no child is born affected by disease, where every child has a right to an education, when each child is a part of a family, when a child is allowed to play... in fact let me just say this is a just fraction as I have not even gotten past children and it is beyond the one line I promised myself I would write.


Playground complete - Oct

Looking out in the Hospital garden we now have wooden swings and a climbing frame/tower.  Thanks to Dave & Linda who pulled together a team to construct this "at cost" we now have a great little play center.  In fact one of the ladies who works in finance told me that she will be coming over in her lunch break to relax and take a swing!

The grass has not grown as yet as we had a long dry period in Kenya but the rumors are that heavy rains are coming and apparently that is what the "grass" requires.  Hopefully we can make some peaceful play areas in the large four acre plot that we have surrounding the hospital.  I quite fancy the idea of building a little jogging track for the kids to run round...

I am trying to upload a picture for this post but as of right now the Internet (and its lack of power) is refusing to oblige!  But pics will be coming asap


Fashion Institute of Tech. Oct 2015

I used to teach at FIT, or at least teach Running... and I hope life lessons (I would take my runners to eat Cheese Cake rather than do long warm down runs, and we would go to James Bond movies instead of going to technical meetings at races).

Anyway I had a very inspired athletics director who allowed me to do this, Kerri-Ann.  She gave me rope to be 'a bit different'.  Anyway I left FIT a couple of years ago after working there for quite some time and have kept in touch with Kerri.

So when I needed soccer cleats I asked a few friends and Kerri responded.  She put me in touch again with DJ who runs the soccer team and he is helping us out!  Thanks so much.  I got a big bag of supplies with more to come!  Really appreciated.

PS - some things never change!  Going round NYC doing shoe pick ups... on the 'corporate' subway which is a big upgrade, I used to pull these bags on the back of my bicycle!

J A Z Z & Shoe4Africa

Well you know I live a couple of blocks from the heart of where Jazz was 'invented' from some sources - HARLEM. Tom Turpin, who wrote the Harlem Rag was the first composer of a 'rag' published by an African-American in 1897... Anyway, I love Jazz!  And I was super happy to hear that today, in Antwerpen, Belgian, we are having a SHOE4AFRICA Jazz concert!  A big thumbs up to Micha and Thomas, both of whom will be running through Harlem next month - you are heroes for us, thank you for caring, helping Shoe4Africa... and let the music play!

Shop at Amazon and support Shoe4Africa

AMAZON!  Please support us with all purchases!  We'll get a little contribution! Thank you.



That my blogging ability has gone to the dogs... this last month has been tremendously busy and my mind has been jumping around and I really need to carry a jotterpad because my brain is balancing with one hundred jobs... and thus I excuse myself.

Yes, the hospital opened!  Functioning with kids coming in each and every day.  Right now we are working hard on a number of items all based around the hospital and the work has only begun.  We are always looking for good partners and also if any one has any web site skills and wants to help please give me a shout.  Meanwhile thank you for all who helped in the long journey....

PS: On the agenda.... perimeter fencing and hedging.... children's playground... Signage for the hospital building... school learning center..... bakery.... Oncology isolation and more.... What this space

Tiny URL's

I am liking these tiny url's to insert into mails etc that let donors know 'where' are projects are: This is where the Shoe4Africa hospital is - on google MAP! This is where the Shoe4Africa Janeth Jepkosgei School is... MAP This is where the Shoe4Africa Sally Kipyego school is... MAP This is where the Shoe4Africa Moses Kiptanui School is... MAP This is where the Shoe4Africa Martin Lel Secondary School is... MAP
And... At the Kibugat Primary school you can find the Shoe4Africa Classrooms... MAP

Pepsi Lipton Runners

We are celebrating our support from Pepsi Lipton with a most refreshing Lipton Tea. Following a run through the 'North West' Ragnar it was a cool off with this great product. No surprise it is one of our Kenyan runners, Chelimo, sipping the tea. It is a little known fact but Kenyan Runner LOVE and thrive and survive off..... Tea! #BeMoreTea. Thanks PepsiLipton

Loving the Jasiri Book sticker!

Victoria Farago is making the book, Peter Farago is designing = a winning!

School Five

Many thanks to Karen & Nat for working on this and getting our October program rolling... very exciting.  This is School #5.  The area is about 15km away from School #4 and about 40km from School #3 as we try to make a more concentrated approach to grouping.  Also, this is the very first Girls' only school.  The reason is we build for what the community needs

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