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Google Map Updates!

Always super happy to see Google maps; I feel I am there.... they just updated and now you can see our blue blue roof.

Research for equipment whilst in hospitals

The journey of building this hospital has been most interesting.  I have learned a great deal about the medical world and lots of the inspiration of doing this task came from a string of medical experiences -- being a recipient of public healthcare as a child, getting attacked in Africa and running to a medical clinic in Zanzibar and finding almost nothing what I expected, receiving again public healthcare help in Britain for brain surgery... etc.. then moving to the span of the actual building of the hospital (2013 to present) - again back to hospital in 2013, and a few times... up to this past (Easter) Sunday when I had a minor (yet again) relapse and was in the emergency room at the amazing SWEDISH hospital in Redmond, Seattle.  Whilst being wheeled in for a CAT Scan I was noting hospital design, like roof rounded mirrors that could be a great addition, which equipment and what manufacturers appear time and time again etc.

Healthcare is the very foundation of any country, and for me it has been hospitals that kept me alive!  #evergrateful

Ashley Liew Kenya '14

Ashley came to Kenya last December, to train and see the ';and of the runners'.  Not only did he donate his shoes, but he also volunteered his time with other camp guests on Christmas Eve to help with the annual Shoe4Africa 5k event in Iten.

I am always touched by people's kindness and willingness to help, and it is very much how our charity survives - fueled on the goodness of others.  On that subject just yesterday we had coffee with two others, Lisa Nelson and Gavin Gee, who also came to Kenya and helped (at the race in 2012 and bringing a ton load of Shoes from Seattle).  These people are special changemakers - thanks for including Shoe4Africa in your agenda!

Yes we are Global!

I was just beginning to think of a few countries where we have had runners represent us and I realized that we are pretty global!  We have had runners, shoe donations, helpers in a huge variety of countries... so much so I filled out a map just from the top of my head - I am sure there are countries I am not thinking about but it is getting to be an impressive list.  I think I need to find a better map where I can input people... in fact I was talking to a South African friend this morning and the lack of a database remains one gaping hole... along with a few others.

Blue countries have the S4A presence

Team U - amazingly colorful runners!

Thanks to Joe, Charlie and our friends at the great TEAM U Princeton campus we've another $400 bucks in the bank as they held an on campus Color Run. Seems to be something where you run and get dob loads of paint chucked at you. As if running was not hard enough. Thinking outside the bucket! That these guys got together, put this on, went the distance under a barrage of paint to help kids over in Kenya touches my heart. They could have slept in, had a morning in bed, watched TV - but no; these are people who are today's change makers, and the fact that they are studying hard at Princeton whilst they do this humbles me. I wish I had been that 'person' at their age. Super impressed! Thanks! (photos to come)

One Billion.... Sounds huge...

I guess this is the last one billion project I go for... even in Kenyan shillings that is a lot of money, but the truth be told I think I will be never truly finished with this hospital - it will be a continuation of being involved more and more.... and then who knows - 

Here's an interview I did in Kenya earlier this month, on March 2nd, and appeared in Kenya's largest newspaper - the Daily Nation

MyProtein my T Shirt!

Thanks to Lee and the folks at MYPROTEIN for printing up a T shirt, selling a T shirt and giving us a portion!  Lee's a runner from Britain who was the force for making this happen and I was amazed to see the Blue and the Black T shirt here, live!  Check it out and buy one (please) to support the cause - then wear one!

Order here: -LINK- (Black) and -LINK- (Blue)

Eve of the New York Half

And one of our great ambassadors, with an amazing (life) story is in town to race - Sally Kipyego.  One day her story should be a feature film.  The whole article is here link

Caroline & Jason - Shoe getters, school class builders, kid sponsor!

Back a couple of years ago Caroline & Jason Palmer Myers came to Iten, stayed, and left a mark -- they contributed to build a classroom in a far off public school, near Tinderet, Nandi County.

They enjoyed Kenya but wanted to give back - it was really appreciated! But the help did not stop there - next they stepped up to agree to help a young school girl so she can be assured when she reaches the correct age she will get a paid for secondary school education, and they sent sports equipment for her too...

AND, last not least, they did a school drive for shoes and they have arrived in Nairobi I hear! Thank you so much - you are changemakers! (Image to come when the Internet is strong enough to upload!)

The Awesome Katherine Miller

Many thanks to the awesome Katherine Miller - she's running for us next month in the NYC half marathon and she has already raised $1600 for Shoe4Africa.  So far our top fund raiser for the Half

Here is her message: "Hi friends! I am thrilled to be running the NYC Half Marathon on March 15, 2015 with Team Shoe4Africa. Having visited Kenya and Tanzania in the summer of 2013, I have seen firsthand the tremendous need of the people of East Africa. Disease and poverty are widespread and there is a devastting lack of both healthcare and educational resources. Since I am not sure when I will have the opportunity to get back to Africa, I have been hoping to find a way to GIVE back and thus I was thrilled to come across Shoe4Africa.

Founded by runner & philanthropist Toby Tanser in 1995, Shoe4Africa is an organization devoted to bettering the lives of East African people, especially women & children. What began as a project to provide shoes for athletes in Kenya has become a massive effort to develop health & education infrastructure in all of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Currently Shoe4Africa is in the process of building the first ever public teaching children's hospital in all of East Africa. By providing healthcare to children and training to adults, the hospital will create a strong foundation of health and self-sufficiency and will pave the way for a future where child mortality is the exception rather than the rule.
If you should wish to give her a push then please go to our sponsor an athlete page... in the meantime - Katherine, you rock!

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