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Shoe4Africa is a 501 (c)(3) organization. EIN/Tax ID # 02-0766-269

Our Mission Statement is...

Our challenge is to listen and work with communities to better lives focusing on Health & Education.


Holding sporting events where PHO give out advice, counseling, and direction.  Getting Olympic athletes to inspire the crowds to get tested, be made aware of the issues, give out thousands of free T shirts 'Promoting AIDS Awareness' in the de-stigma fight, printing leaflets (a first) in the Kalenjin tongue for people where we host our AIDS AWARENESS races and more....


Four public schools built and gifted to Kenya, and a public dairy college... plus handing out AIDS Awareness kits to schools, working with preventative health lessons, sponsoring students, donating Nooks/laptops to distribute greater knowledge.  Building toilets and classrooms in other schools. Bringing sports and educational equipment to schools that need it.  Holding peace sports days for schools and more


Women’s empowerment soon followed, if you go to Shoe4Africa races you will see they are somewhat different from other Kenyan sporting events.  Our Shoe4Africa races have developed a lot of local talent & given away shoes/T shirts, cash & more. We continue with yearly events.


It began, inadvertently with health, a covered toe shoe can easily prevent hookworm. Learning the horrors of malaria we began awareness classes to help prevent the spread of that disease, but our main health initiative must be giving East Africa it's first ever public teaching children's hospital (105-bed). A healthy Africa is one that will be self-reliant and a strong foothold for the future generation of positive change.  

Shoe4Africa: Church Street Station, PO Box 3142, 10008-3142 and the street address of : 11 East 131st ST, 1a, NY, NY 10037

Who Is Shoe4Africa

Governance Board
Alex Green, treasurer.  Joined Dec. 2015
Jon Lang, joined Dec. 2015
Joy Dushey, re-joined Jan. 2016 (founding board member '06)
Zeynep Inanli, joined May 2015
Dave Siegel, Chairman. Joined Dec. 2013
Michael Sharp, joined May 2013
CT Sealy, joined April 2014
Toby Tanser, founding board member 2006

Shoe4Africa Hospital Governance board
Dr. J. C. Kibosia - 2012
Dr. W. Aruasa - 2012
Eng. Atogo Odhiambo - 2012, Tech. Advisor
Chelimo Saina - 2013, Women's Rep
Selah Koech - 2013, Secretary
Toby Tanser - 2012, Chair

Shoe4Africa Germany
Michael Kugler, Chairman, Founder 2014
Dr. Med. Christina Kugler, founding board member
Urban Bettag, founding board member

Shoe4Africa Sweden
Markus Johansson, Founder 2016

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