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Like most charities we rely on donations.  These enable us to do our work.  We work our hardest to try and improve the lives of the less fortunate, and we have seen many successes that motivate us to continue.  Please consider supporting us!

Also:  Send a pair of running shoes you know that has at least another 100-miles of running still left in their life so they can be properly used for the health & fitness programs we promote. Please do not send shoes you are about to chuck away because you deem them useless.

Running shoes PREVENT hookworm and promote a person to adopt a more healthy lifestyle. We don't want to just hand out shoes; we hold races/events so people EARN shoes. Empowerment; not charity.

In 2007 Natalie Portman, spoke to InStyle magazine promoting our shoe program. She said, "I have a friend collecting shoes for Kenya—each pair that is worn will cut down on the spread of disease. It's about doing something constructive. If you are going to buy $200 nikes, then spend $7 sending your shoes to Africa. It's a nice balance."

[please] Send running/sports shoes to:

Shoe4Africa / M.Kiplagat
PO Box 6943
30100 Eldoret, Kenya

Visit our FAQs page for further details on shipping information.  [see below]

Hey, we know there are 1.2 million charities out there - Why choose Shoe4Africa?  Please look at what we are doing, and see if you agree that we are a 'value-for-money' charity worth supporting!


If you send even $10 that is bricks in our wall... and it is your name in immortality as someone who stood up and helped our work happen— Think globally to help the less fortunate. View our Wall of Donors in our Click for a Brick campaign.

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