Ken-ya do it? part: revisited

Greetings from Iten, Kenya

Life is fun right now, making progress - an example of what I am up to was yesterday:  The day was ended by cycling round Iten village nailing a race flyer into wooden posts and tree trunks with news of the race (see picture below).  then taking the old yucky batteries from the bull-horns and getting new ones, I am also shopping for a bucket to put the raffle tickets from the race in.  Then buying scissors for cutting wristbands, looking for the tape that sticks on the road, recruiting the critical volunteers, buying water for the finishers blah blah - how to put on a race in Kenya... AND in the morning it was a meeting with the construction team for the hospital (choosing them has been a long drawn out process going back years), then needing the Internet I passed by a friend's house for electricity as my laptop battery was flat, and in the process stopped off a business-acquaintance wedding.  After the vows I raced to lunch to go and meet my prospective project manager; I have a meeting tomorrow to finalize but I believe I have the right man.  Lunch concluded it as we swapped notes, plans and objectives and wrote out & adjusted the 'list of expectations'.

Following this meeting i went to visit a man doing a similar project to ask for all his pitfalls, and also give advice on School building/Sustainability.  We went over the set up for another medical project, talked tax laws, and generally looking at what road blocks come to the fore.  Meanwhile trying to guide in a kindly donated shipment of school books, making sure they come to the right person at the right center, and answering the never ending phone...  Then the driving 40-miles back to the base to jump on the emails again and answer about ten missed phonecalls and re-arrange a meeting with the Public Health Officer that somehow I simply did not have time for...  Life in Kenya, and that is just the start!